Track produced by Charlie Andrew

Though my heart’s not a fire
She’s giving me all, she’s giving me all I need
It’s not gonna get me higher
But it’s slowing down, it’s slowing my decent
But when they say that I could have what I wanted
They’re telling lies cos i’m never satisfied
And if you move in a certain way I’m haunted
Mesmerised got to get away

So take me fast, take me slow, take me all the ways that I didn’t know
I don’t even know what I like

Don’t need two shadows behind me
Cos it pulls me back and makes me head of course
The problem is I can’t live slowly
Need stimulation power at no cost

Video Credits
Director: Roland Walters
DOP: Ollie Ford
Editor: Josh Mallalieu
Producers: Byron McNally and Helen Simmons
1st ADs: Lucas Kudapcenka and Linute Remeikaite
1st AC: Evan Trout
2nd AC: Constance Meath Baker
Gaffer: Salvador Gomez-Lopez
Costume: Marina Bussandri
Production Assistants: Louis Cross, Tommy Walters, Tom Rebour and Tim Moorhouse
Starring: Paul Hughes and Stephen Schreiber